What’s New in Global Equity Plans?

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To answer that question, I’ll be spending the better part of next week at the Annual Conference of the Global Equity Organization (GEO). There will be over 350 global equity professionals from 14 countries meeting in NYC for this event. I’ll be blogging daily from there for those of you who are unable to attend the event but need to know what is happening on such topics as the EU Prospectus Directive, cross-border tax withholding, global ESPPs, stock plan fraud, RSUs, SIPs, CSOPs, and more.Shameless plug: My presentation is Friday afternoon, titled “After the Fall (of 2005): What Really Happened with Option Expensing in the US.” The slides from that presentation will be posted on my website. This session presents our research, updated daily, on what companies have really done – and not done – in response to new equity compensation accounting requirements (fondly known as FAS123R).
You can visit this blog or go to the GEO site to access the daily news I’ll be reporting. For other breaking news on HR-related issues you can visit the HR MegaBlog, which posts all new entries from this blog, or see my column on HR.com in the Areas of Interest: Compensation section.

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