“Retirement” or “Severance” and the disclosure of either or neither or both

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Topic: Executive CompensationSub-Topic: Compensation Arrangements for Departing ExecutiveCompany: Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA) Most small companies have no retirement benefits or pensions, especially entrepreneurial cannabis companies. This follows the pattern of technology company startups over the past several decades. They frequently have severance arrangements for departing executives, and these are quite varied, from “none” to “lots” and every gradation in between Arena … Read More

33 Reasons That Your Company’s Say-on-Pay Vote Might Go Sub-50% in 2013

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News of companies that failed their say-on-pay vote is in the headlines almost daily this time of year.  What don’t make the headlines are stories of the companies that barely passed (in the 50% to 70% range) or that passed but plummeted from their 2011 approval levels.  Many in the former category last year failed this year.  Many in the … Read More

April 1: Compensation This Weak

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What an incredible couple of weeks it has been in the world of compensation. I intended to blog much earlier but the deluge of media stories kept me reading instead of writing. Here’s a recap:Job Bank for the Jobless General Motors has a program, known as the Job Bank, that provides full pay and benefits for workers when there is … Read More