Opcni bonusy: V USA zacina “pripad stoleti”

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I wish I could tell you what this article, published in Financni Poradce (CZ), says.The sentence that caught my eye was “…San Francisco Chronicle Fred Whittlesey sef poradenske firmy v oblasti odmenovani zamestnancu Compensation Venture.” The article also mentions the SEC, Christopher Cox, CNN, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, and Marvell Technology so I’m in good company.I assume it must be an article either on CEO pay or option backdating but because it mentions a couple of the backdating poster children – Affiliated Computer Services and Comverse Technology – so I think I don’t need to know Czech to figure out which it is.

Whether it’s CEO pay or option backdating in the US, it is fascinating to me that the business media in the Czech Republic are talking about it. The US business community is not exactly serving as a global role model on either point right now.

If any blog readers are fluent, or even somewhat knowledgeable, of the Czech language please let us know what this article is about. I couldn’t find a free web-based translation engine that included Czech and I spent way too much time on Google trying to figure this out.

Here’s the link to the article: http://fpweb.ihned.cz/1-10083260-18537640-Q00000_d1-aa

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