Conscious Compensation® Update

Fred WhittleseyConscious Compensation: The Impact Compensation Blog


As a conscious company, Compensation Venture Group chooses its suppliers with consideration of sustainability and impact factors.  Airfare is our single largest expense category and we are fortunate to have a conscious, responsible company headquartered here in Seattle as our provider of air travel.

From the company’s website:

“Following Thursday’s record  fourth quarter and full-year earnings announcement, employees at Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air today are receiving bonuses of more than nine percent of their annual pay, or nearly five weeks additional pay, for most workers. For the past seven years, employees have received an average annual bonus equal to approximately one month’s pay.

The company’s annual bonus, called Performance Based Pay (PBP), is determined by meeting or exceeding specific company-wide goals for safety, customer satisfaction, cost control and profit. The PBP bonus is in addition to the approximately $1,100 in 2015 operational bonuses that most employees earned for achieving monthly on-time and customer satisfaction goals. The combined monthly and annual 2015 bonuses, paid to employees, totals $120 million.”

There is the stakeholder model in action – profit for shareholders, customer satisfaction, safety, and employee participation in the results.

Coincidentally, I just received a $100 bonus this morning from Alaska Airlines, via email, due to the 3-hour flight delay last night (mechanical issue). I received it 9 hours after our flight landed. This is a good way to do business, and do good.