Conscious Compensation at Conscious Capitalism 2014 Conference

Fred WhittleseyConscious Compensation: The Impact Compensation Blog0 Comments

At the Conscious Capitalism 2013 conference there was little discussion about compensation.  There were a few specific examples – complete pay transparency and executive pay caps at Whole Foods Markets, for example – but no unified concept of how companies’ pay practices support, or don’t support, the principles of Conscious Capitalism.
Over the past year I’ve worked to develop and define Conscious Compensation® and have continuing discussions with clients, prospects, and our portfolio companies at Fledge LLC, the conscious company incubator, and with other Impact HUB members in Seattle about the concept.
You can read capsule descriptions of the twelve introductory principles of Conscious Compensation® at you’re here at the Conscious Capitalism 2014 Conference this week, I hope to engage with you and talk about these ideas.  If not, contact me and tell me about how your company is exploring its compensation and benefits program design as a strategy for Conscious Capitalism.

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