Compensation Integrity: What the Heck is Going On?

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Fred Whittlesey
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An update on this continuing theme.

Disney will pay $38 million in back wages after feds allege wage and hour violations

Wouldn’t it be better to have competent compensation professionals who have the “spine” to stand up to senior management and ensure compliance?  It shouldn’t take a judge to know the right thing to do.

Conscious Compensation® – putting employees and other stakeholders on par (or ahead of?) shareholders. Without requiring a judge and millions of dollars in lawyers’ fees.


The post below is from last month.

As a compensation professional it’s always interesting to see my area of expertise make headlines but the series of major news items in the past year is disturbing:

That last one may have some political motives given the CEO was, until today, the nominee for Secretary of Labor in President Trump’s administration.  Nevertheless, this pattern of major corporations with sophisticated human resources departments involved in these alleged activities should be cause for concern.