The Hot Tub Will Be The First To Go

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  I’ve been advising clients and the startups that I mentor that the current wave of “cool stuff” being offered to employees and candidates in this booming employment environment is about to end. I’ve used “the hot tub will be the first to go” as the metaphor, and now comes data that while the hot tub and the ping-pong tables … Read More

The Gender Pay Gap Solution

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01-April-2015 There has been a proliferation of stories in the media about the so-called “gender pay gap” – a label for the observation that a given sample of male workers receives more annual salary and wages than a given sample of female workers. This has gone beyond the business media and become a pop culture topic. Here’s a recap of … Read More

Special Dividend Tactics, TSR Model, and CEO Pay – Isn’t That Special

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What do Costco, Oracle, Tellabs, Whole Foods Markets, Las Vegas Sands, Movado and National Beverage have in common?  They don’t make a very good peer group given their disparate GICS codes.They are pursuing a tax-driven (and somewhat political) tactic in the name of “returning capital to shareholders” that may come back to bite them, or their peer companies, when it’s … Read More

What I Say on Say-on-Pay Will Pay, I’d Say

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OK, maybe I read a few too many Dr. Seuss books to the three little ones over the past 10 years.As we enter what will be an extremely busy November-December executive and equity compensation season, one theme will dominate:  say-on-pay.  This is not just an executive compensation topic. It has impact on every equity compensation plan and professional.  I’ve had … Read More

33 Reasons That Your Company’s Say-on-Pay Vote Might Go Sub-50% in 2013

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News of companies that failed their say-on-pay vote is in the headlines almost daily this time of year.  What don’t make the headlines are stories of the companies that barely passed (in the 50% to 70% range) or that passed but plummeted from their 2011 approval levels.  Many in the former category last year failed this year.  Many in the … Read More

Bullet Proof Vest (ing) in the Current Compensation Governance Environment

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“And it seems these days that everybody wears a bullet-proof vest” – Colbie Caillat,”Bullet Proof Vest“In the current compensation governance environment, many (perhaps most) companies are seeking the bullet-proof vest to fend off criticisms of proxy advisers and institutional shareholders in the say-on-pay process.One of the key components of the bullet-proof vest strategy is…the vesting schedule – and this is … Read More

Executive Compensation Controversy: What it Means for Equity Compensation in 2012

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As we approach the 2012 proxy season – the months of March, April, and May when about 70% of public companies file their proxies for this year’s shareholder meeting – we provide an update on a number of significant developments. Over the past few months, a series of changes in proxy adviser policy, regulatory timelines, media coverage, and the political … Read More